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Why You Might Choose a Rustic Wedding Theme

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to get married under the flowing branches of a beautiful Willow tree. Surrounded by your friends and family, nestled in an orchard or even in the valley, marrying the love of your life. After the wedding, you sit down with your new husband at a table decorated with vases of flowers and branches. Colored jewels and rocks surrounding lit candles illuminate the area giving off a romantic vibe.

When a couple decides it is the time to plan for their future, they decide to pick their wedding dates as well as those who are attending. Yet to make the right statement, the couple needs to pick the theme that really fits them the best. For some couples, a rustic wedding theme or a rustic wedding in general combines the unique attitude that each person has with the beauty of the outside world. When it comes to a rustic wedding theme, people can take the enchanting wonder of the woods, or even a field and make it a part of their wedding ideas. The colors that come with a fall rustic wedding accent and uplift the experience of not just the people attending, but the couple as well.

By looking at the different ways a rustic wedding can be done, it can also save the couple a large amount of money when it comes time to plan the wedding. By incorporating the unique assets that the outdoors and the rustic offers, the decorations can be taken directly from nature. The couple could go as far as having their wedding outside, and saving even more money when it comes to space to fit everyone.

Most people find a rustic wedding to be more open and more down to earth, as it is more natural. Couples can find that their guests will be less stressed and will be happier for them as they have a better attitude about the event. Rustic decorations have a simplistic yet quaint look to them, that only nature gives, and it helps give off a unique look that most brides try to find for their settings.

Along with the idea to have the theme of the wedding be rustic, it helps give the wedding invitations their own appearance. With common wedding invitations, there are only so many different ways to reuse the same font, or the same decorative idea until it is just boring. However, with a rustic invitation, it gives your guests something to remember. the possibilities are endless as nature. It allows you to be as open and creative as you want, and the customizations can be set to match the wedding design. Worrying about how to fit all your guests in so they can attend the event? A rustic wedding will fix all of that.


Common rustic wedding ideas follow with the season they are set in. With spring, the setting could be in a field under a Willow tree, or really any tree that blooms. Flowers all around give the feeling of happiness and simplicity. The reception could be a simple pot luck dinner that helps connect the new family together and open up the new relationships that will help keep the new couple bound for life.

A summer wedding could be at the beach, or at the lake. With the lake in the background surrounded by trees that have fully bloomed for the year, it can help really open up the area and give off a peaceful and complete setting for the nuptials. This is also the opportunity for an evening wedding. Candle light under the stars with tents set up where the covers are so light they are see through. the couple says I Do by the moonlight and the guests can see the stars as they celebrate the joy until the sun rises again.

Having a fall rustic wedding again, the possibilities are endless. Picture a small hillside with trees that have turned for the fall, with a small river next to the wedding spot. So romantic and postcard perfect. The weather is perfect for the guests as it is not cold yet and the summer heat has already passed. this is the time for spreading the design options to the max and getting creative with the natural effects that are given off by the season.

Winter weddings are especially interesting as they have a difficulty for being outside. However, they are still more than possible and can be made exquisite with the rustic designs nature gives off during winter. Winter has the sparkle that is needed to give a fire to the special moment for the couple. Having a wedding in front of a fire place with pine and crystal all around, even a couple candles or two will enhance the romantic moment for the couple. The romantic setting can also bring the guests together to bring the moment closer for the family and friends.

No matter what season is chosen for the wedding, there is an endless bounty of options to choose from when it comes to the decor, invitations and theme of the wedding. A rustic wedding can add elegance and wonder to the party as well as a touch of the unique as there are millions of possibilities that can be combined to give the theme that special touch for the happy couple. Picking and choosing what to have in the decor can be as simple as adding a touch of flowers, or as extravagant as redecorating an entire building to resemble a forest or rustic area. The designs are all in how creative the couple are and what their tastes bring together to create their dream wedding that their families will love.

So as the wedding jitters come and pass the dress is picked and the date is set, when picking a theme take a moment to admire what nature has given to us. A rustic theme is not just for those who want a cheap wedding or for those who are hunting enthusiasts, but also for those who want a touch of beauty, elegance and grace with the wonder and excitement of bringing two families together as one.

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